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Please copy this and spread it around, we depend on YOU to spread the word.

I know this is a lot to read, but I ask you to please read it through. By deciding to participate, you may just be the person that people will say changed their life. Think about how a large demonstration could change the way our leaders make decisions. If we start teaching our children by example, instead of just saying things and not following through ourselves, maybe, just maybe, they will understand the importance of their actions and deeds. It is a simple way to teach our children that we do stand for living in a peaceful world. That humans, as a species, can learn from their mistakes, and live in balance with the planet, instead of destroying everything we touch. If we can instill that profit from corrupt means will be a loss for mankind, and endanger our planet's ability to enable us to survive, then perhaps they will have lives that will be worth living in the future. You've heard it all before, but haven't chosen to act. I am making it so easy for you to set an example, if you don't, you will have no one to blame but yourself. It's about time we all participate in the lessons of the way the web of life works. It is the same as we all learned in school. You take away one piece of the web, and the whole thing will collapse. It is a truth that has been taught but ignored through our own greed and selfishness. Lets start with a simple act that will help us realize how easy it is to make that change.

May Peace Prevail On Earth,
Don Morris aka "Peaceguy"
The foolish human who started this.


Peaceguy's Prayer

May the people on this planet be changed.
Changed from hatred to love,
Changed from greed to giving,
Changed from selfishness to selflessness,
Changed from apathy to action,
Changed from jealousy to joy over someone's accomplishments,
Changed from intolerance to acceptance,
Changed from being destructive to being constructive,
Changed from fighting to peace,
Changed from killing to protecting life,
Changed from censorship to freedom,
Changed from ignorance to education,
Changed from fearing our differences to rejoicing our variety.

May we each take it upon ourselves to feed the hungry, cure the sick,
house the homeless, educate the illiterate, love the unloved,
compete to do the right thing instead of winning at any cost,
make heros that teach our children to
make the world a better place instead of glorifying violence and war,
stand up and speak out against things that are wrong
instead of sitting back and waiting for someone else,
demand honesty from our governments,
demand honesty from ourselves.

May we each take responsibility for our own actions
and realize that by refusing to change ourselves,
we condone all the evils in the world.
If one person changes they teach others by example,
who in turn change and teach more,
one person becomes as a pebble rolling down a mountain,
picking up more pebbles as it continues,
becoming an avalanche of change.

It can happen, it must happen, it will happen.

To make this prayer work, you have to change yourself.

Copyright 1997 Don Morris. Feel free to use this anywhere and any place. All I ask is to reference this website if you do.

Here is my pebble to start this avalanche,.... hopefully you will add your pebble
and together we can demonstrate how easy it is to make a grassroots movement work.

A few years back I had a vision of creating a non-religious, non- governmental, world inclusive, grassroots movement for a day to promote peace. I am no rocket scientist, I am just a regular person who goes about my daily tasks to survive in this world,... just like everyone else. I had the vision but no direction, and did my best to make the demonstration easy. But I failed because people look for some kind of director, some kind of organization to lead them and tell them what to do. I failed to realize that petitions are a dime a dozen, and concerts and large gatherings usually take some kind of organizing to pull off and corporate sponsors and all the usual payments and permits associated with it all. This was something I just didn't have the ability or time to do. Although, I spent all my spare time working on it, I didn't have the ingredients to make it happen. There are thousands of media outlets to contact and they want details for each place and times and all the associated media. All I have is a website. It was discouraging to me to see how difficult it was to put something like this together. I stagnated and became depressed. I didn't realize the way to make this happen. One morning I sat typing a reply to an email and all of a sudden my vision was made complete. I needed to ask for help. Your help. So for this year, 2003, and every year after, World Peace Day, November 17th, here is what, I hope, will empower us to make our leaders, and our future generations, take notice. This is the only way to really make terrorists, politicians and world leaders take notice that THE PEOPLE want peace! Military might and aggression have been proven time and time again not to do anything but create a world of fear, violence, and destruction. Weapons of mass destruction are a deterrent, but the only way to real peace is through negotiation and resolving the issues that created the problems. By gathering together we provide the pebble to start the avalanche towards peace.

First of all I want to make sure everyone realizes this starts with you. There is no "organization" or corporation that is coordinating this. There is no official logo, no corporate sponsorship, no donations or money needed. It is a grassroots effort to make the day happen. If you are in business and want to use it to make money by selling T-shirts or trinkets, it makes no difference to me. As long as people don't think that the money gained comes back to Use your conscience as your guide. I want people to know that money is really not needed for this grassroots effort, it is a display of people wanting to live in a world of peace. Everything is up to you how you want to spend this day. I will provide simple ideas for you, but after that, you decide how much or little you think you can give to this effort. The only instructions are,.....pray, focus, or meditate for peace. There is no set time table, it will be all 24 hours of November 17, 2003. There is no printed media other than this web page, you are free to create your own. The only thing "official" will be and what are on its pages about this event. There will be no central place where all sites planned are posted, just these web boards, so, if you don't see a place, in the area where you live, posting information about it, it will be up to YOU to create one. If you can't set something up, find a few people WHEREVER YOU ARE, take a few moments to hold hands in a circle and meditate together for a few minutes. It is all up to you. If you can, make it a public place that is open 24 hours a day, preferably with a shelter from the weather. It can be a religious place but must allow anyone, even other faiths, to use it. I view the whole world as being sacred, but if indigenous peoples want to have their gathering in a sacred place, that is up to them, again I ask that if it is a sacred place for you, you should also make sure you allow anyone to join you. So, if your sacred place is too sacred for others, choose another spot. If you live in a small city, one large gathering place would be fine, but since this is grassroots, in large cities it would be preferable to choose several areas to make it easy for people to stop by during the day. This doesn't have to be a huge concert type venue, in fact, it is much better to just provide people with a place to gather together for the common cause of world peace. Make it simple for people to gather and pray or meditate for peace. You have to understand that the more things you add to your event, the more the focus will be on the event, and away from the focus of world peace. It may be that only a few people stop this year, but the next time we do this it will be more. This will work if we all work together. There is plenty of time to pull it off. It is simple enough that ANYONE can do it. Be the pebble in your community to get the avalanche rolling. It is not a competition, it is not intended to take over any other proclaimed peace days, or to promote anything other than a quiet meditation for peace. No donations, no money is needed, just whatever time and materials you want to donate to your own effort to promote it. Word of mouth works too, that is free.


Here are some simple suggestions to get you started.

Ask the religious head of your church to tailor the week of November 17th around peace on earth. While this peace day isn't intended to be a religious gathering, it certainly will not exclude religion either. It may be as simple as gathering in the parking lot holding hands and praying for peace. I encourage whatever you decide to do as long as you invite anyone who wants to participate with you, no matter what faith. It would be even better if several religions can find a place to join together in meditation and prayer without a religious service of any denomination. This is not about religion it is a demonstration for world peace.

If you have a neighborhood place with easy access to parking, with cover in case of inclement weather, that can be open to the public for any period of time, but , preferably for 24 hours, call now and see if it can be reserved for this day. But, I want to stress the simpleness by stating that even a 24 hour store parking lot where a small area can be set up for people to be together is fine. Parks with pavilions are great, but so is a place of work where the employees get together. This is a demonstration for world peace no matter what the setting. The only thing that can stop you from participating is you.

If you already have an event scheduled for this day, include a meditation or prayer or moment of silence so people are made aware of the significance of the day's goal and can participate. You can use folded origami cranes as your design theme.

Here is a suggestion of what to say.

Before the opening kickoff, sermon, speech, concert,.... please join us in a brief moment of silence to help in today's effort to promote world peace. We ask that you pray, meditate, or respect our wish to focus on the hope that we may one day live in a world where there is no need for violence to accomplish our goals. Where we don't have to live with the fear of war. Where people accept each other's differences without judgement and we all respect each other's goals and dreams for a peaceful life.

To promote World Peace Day November 17th you can,...

The Leonid meteor showers fall on and around this day. You can go star gazing and make a wish for peace with each falling star you see.

Send this information out to the local media in your area and tell your friends and relatives what you plan to do.
Use email, phone calls, faxes, and information on your webpages.
Include it in newsletters, magazines, or your daily newspaper.
Ask your government leaders to help,...after all it is these people that we want to reach.
Tell your religious leaders about it, tell them how important it is for us to set an example for our youth to live by.
Kids, tell your parents, even if the gathering is only your family it will make a difference.
Encourage the place you work to place it in company mail or place a link to it
or information about it in their advertizements or web pages.
There are no donations involved
and it is simply asking people to focus on world peace for the day so there SHOULDN'T be any objections.
Please do not spam this out on the web.
Instead, encourage the grassroots effort to promote this the right way by only emailing people that you know,
asking that they in turn only send this to others that they know. Please respect other's wishes to not be spammed..

You can make a simple flyer with your event location, a brief description of what we are doing, date, and time, and post it on bulletin boards and areas where people will have a chance to see it. You can hand leaflet your church or movies when they let out, or other events such as craft shows and concerts.

If you are a reporter or work at a television, or radio station ask your editor / program manager to include it in the broadcast for the day. Help promote gatherings by giving event information out. It is up to you to promote it as much or as little as you wish. You may even make a special moment where your news people gather holding hands and make a statement to encourage World Peace. It is time to set the example and not wait for others, so, ask that people join you in a focus for world peace.

Tell people to drive with their headlights on, during the day, or wear a white ribbon, to show their support for world peace.

Promote doing a random act of kindness this one day, use your imagination!

If you are a musician you can have a sing a long with your audience
of Give Peace A Chance or whatever Peace Song or poem you want to do.

You can have a candlelight vigil, making sure of course that you take into consideration all the safety rules such a task requires.

You can have an origami crane folding event and provide the paper and instructions asking that people hang them in a visible place after they leave to show their desire for world peace.

If you are a school, folding origami cranes to display outside the school for that weekend would be a good project for kids. You can make artwork to display in local store windows. You can lead up to the day, the week before, with speakers and work shops on subjects we are all concerned about focusing on the problem of violence in schools. Take the lead in telling what you are planning by posting it on our web boards.

I am sure I will get many more suggestions as the word spreads of what we are doing, if you think you have one,
please post it on one of the web boards I have provided.

You can place a white ribbon on your website and link it back to this page to help promote this project. Make a link below the picture say "In support of world peace, November 17, 2003. Or you can make your own. Be creative!

white ribbon gif

May Peace Prevail On Earth,
Don Morris Founder and Director
The foolish human who started this.

Thanks to Trish Hilliard of Zofo Graphic Designs for the background design,...


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